One Heartbeat Away
Looking for Answers?

If you are sincerely seeking and searching for the truth about life, wouldn’t a book that would answer your questions and address any objections be of interest? One Heartbeat Away is exactly that.

So many people I’ve talked to wanted to know, “Is this all a blind-faith issue, or can it be a legitimate, calculated leap of faith?” This book provides answers to that question as well as the following:
  • Can you prove there is a God?
  • Doesn’t evolution disprove the existence of God?
  • Can you prove the Bible, the Koran, or any religious book true?
  • What is out there after I die?
All of this information is laid out in a reader friendly style with many exciting stories—from near death experiences, to what certain celebrities believe, to a guy who is a building jumper. He actually jumps from building to building for fun! I asked him if he had ever missed before...what if I told you his answer was, “Yes.”

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